Results Challenge de la Ville de Differdange - 5th May 2019

Results Challenge de la Ville de Differdange - 5th May 2019

Despite the cold weather, it was a very good day for the 9 young players of our club, at the Challenge de la Ville de Differdange, held at the Ecole Internationale.

Only players under 20 years old participated, with 2 categories:
<1500 ELO (69 players)
>1500 ELO (11 players)

A Swiss system was used with 7 rounds of 25 minutes.

A special mention to Ayanna Bali, who finished 11th (2nd girl) with 5 victories and 2 defeats ! Great achievement for her.
Nicolas Bourg finished 13th, also with 5 victories and 2 defeats.
Adrien Devitt finished 23rd with 4 victories and 3 defeats.
Aaryav Bali, Davide Paduano and Ido Somekh, finished respectively 37th, 38th and 41st, all with 3 victories and 4 defeats.
Aadhav Muralidharan finished 46th, with 3 victories, 2 draws and 3 defeats.
Anahita Mandal finished 47th, with 3 victories and 3 defeats, despite missing the 1st game.
Anand Muralidharan finished 41st, with 2 victories, 1 draw and 4 defeats.

All together, some great progress from all players, a great atmosphere, and a very proud coach, Alex Sorras. Well done to everyone, and a big thank you to the host of the tournament.

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